form, shape and honesty: dulk and thomas fluharty

By Carol Arán

Today’s blog post is all about introducing you to the two artists who will light up the month of May in our classrooms: Dulk and Thomas Fluharty. While their styles and themes are very different from each other, they are both brimming over with creativity, are devastatingly honest in form and content and the body of work of these two artists also share an excessive desire for self improvement.

Antonio Segura Donat’s story, the multidisciplinary Spanish artist known as Dulk, flourished in the art scene thanks to graffiti. He often explains how exhibiting his work under the relentless eye of the public space pushed him to seek constant improvement in his work. But Dulk can brag about more than his ongoing self challenge: there’s an essential commitment hidden behind his almost baroque aesthetic that takes you way beyond the initial beguiling imagery.

Dulk’s work includes painting, illustration, animation, sculpture, advertising…and of course the one constant format, urban art, of course. We’re talking about a comprehensive artist with no fear of the challenges or size of our planet, his work has travelled places like the United States, Belgium, Canada, Italy, China or Spain.

His work seduces your retina immediately with its use of soft colours and the desirable atmospheres he creates. However, as soon as you scratch the surface a little, a latent danger is revealed, the voice of alarm hides behind his beautiful images. Far from simple ornamentation, every detail expressed in Dulk’s particular universe is of great significance. Each element is there to remind us that we are immersed in a myth of impending destruction, so we crash into the imminent collapse of the environment and react. Dulk’s body of work comprises dreams that tell the truth, surreal but accurate scenes where animals play the lead role. After a phase of working for others as an illustrator and designer, he is currently focusing on his personal projects that we cannot help but fall in love with while they raise our awareness. His are marvellous creations on a mission to preserve beauty in a world about to turn into a dream.

Donde Dore will host the the course entitled «Oniric Nature» by Dulk on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of May 2020.

Stateside illustrator and painter, Thomas Fluharty is undoubtedly committed to drawing. While, just like Dulk, he explores form and line inexhaustibly, his masterful technique is full of meaning. Fluharty’s artfulness praises the caricature genre and its critical, sour and sardonic outlook. We can see how both the satirical social chronicler and the classic academic portrait painter converge in his work. In fact Thomas Fluharty enjoys teaching art in addition to carrying out commissions and creating his own personal work.

During Fluharty’s thirty five years of experience, his dazzling illustrations have taken over the covers of Mad, Time, Der Spiegel and the New York Times. He has become a role model in the realm of contemporary caricature thanks to his conquest of the basics of illustration. His work shows that in order to “deform” successfully, one must master “form” first. His portraits are live explosions of expression, they are so communicative that they often get by without a palette and concentrate on the monochrome, they stand on the power of the illustrations themselves without any need for colour. Kickstarter is a great example where the only pencil used is the Prismacolor 901 indigo bleu. There’s no way you can erase and draw again with this colour, so the only way to move forward is once and for all, with bravery and never looking back. As Fluharty himself says, “what you see is what you get”. There’s no cheating whatsoever in his illustrations or oil paintings.
This mastery allows him to take the strengths and weaknesses of pop culture personalities and political figures alike and deform them to the extreme. Oh and dogs too, lots of dogs, empowered, funny dogs. Contemporary history looks at us from his classically inspired portraits , they invite us in to criticise and pay homage, to reflect upon each gesture and wrinkle while making us feel happier and free.

Donde Doré will host Thomas Fluharty’s “Next Level Drawing Workshop and the Joy of Drawing” on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd May, 2020.