march fictions at donde doré

By Carol Arán

“In like a lion, out like a lamb”. The popular proverb synthesizes different facets of a month that brings change: get ready to soak yourself in storms and to gain comfort from brand new suns. March 2020 brings to Donde Doré a journey of contrasts through the current illustration panorama, with three speakers who are both different and exceptional.

The work of Dani Torrent (from Barcelona) places us in a position between light and darkness, between a child’s imagination and an adult’s one, between the real and the fantastic. His work is enveloping and sinuous, with forms at the service of creativity, colours in the hands of the atmosphere, living and moving lines. In his almost dreamlike scenes elements of different realities converge in a common universe, as in life itself. Torrent has a degree in Art History and in Illustration, and has also studied Fine Arts and Cinematographic Direction. He illustrates, paints and writes (some of the texts of his illustrated albums are his own), which makes us think we are facing one of those creators born to tell stories, those who put the narrative above the medium in which it develops. To walk through his illustrations is to fall in love with the sensual dynamism of the curve, which dominates his scenes with an almost mannerist expressiveness. His characters point to the mystique of symbology, the mystery of the starry night, the spell of the child within us. Dani Torrent fictionalizes-reality through art; the artistic depth of his illustration reveals a materic and lively mentality, typical of the illustrator who also dedicates himself to painting. Composition, texture, shape and color are born of the physical to be digitally retouched in the work of this creator of defined style, who is in constant evolution.

Fran Garcés, known as Dibujante Nocturno, immerses us into the darkest side of the illustrated universe. This creator from Tenerife takes his childhood hobby, the search of excellence, turning dragons and other fantastic creatures from his schooldays into the catalogue of amazing images that today is his adult work. His particular dark aesthetics has turned into concept art and illustration works oriented to the editorial, gaming, character creation and music industries. Dibujante Nocturno’s training is not academic, it comes from the constant observation and exercise born of passion. Passion for an epic tenebrism that takes us to the universe of fantasy and horror of those comics, videogames and heavy-metal covers from our adolescent archives. Tirelessly exercising the muscle of one’s own creation has led him to master a particular style of fantastic fictions; Garcés doesn’t come out without his drawing material, and those hours of work are visible in his complex and overflowing work. In his enigmatic characters the imagination beats from impossible textures drawn with ink, in a darkness of flesh and metal, of thorns and blood, of skeletons and other beings with a nightmarish beauty. He works with different classical and digital techniques, but the rotundity and elaboration of his drawings can leave us perplexed with a simple pen sketch.

Dibujante Nocturno will give his workshop «Dark Art and Fantastic Creatures» on 20, 21 and 22 March 2020 at Donde Doré.

Simone Grünewald, «Schmoesi», comes from the brightest and most friendly side of the month. This German illustrator and character designer illustrates with a fresh and youthful look, which is transmitted through the hand of a mature and experienced stroke, dominated by force of sketches. Simone has extensive experience in the video game industry, both in Art Direction, animation and storyboard creation. In her work as a freelance illustrator she also combines, like her other March colleagues, digital and traditional media, with the constant of a skillful drawing that comes exclusively from hard work. Her characters are inspired by real-life people, like herself and her family, and populate cartoon style illustrations illuminated by the light of everyday life. The lines and shapes of her drawings are accurate and dynamic, rabidly expressive even from the sketching stage, before the help of color. Her mastery of anatomy gives life to her gentle creatures, who look at the softer face of reality turned into fiction, a fiction in which you´d like to settle down and live in. Composition and color complete the harmony of the scenes that Simone Grünewald illustrates, with the right and precise elements to communicate the story without distractions, through her fluid lines. Following her social media work is living her day-to-day life in pencil and ink, and witnessing the hours of work behind an apparently casual and spontaneous drawing.