For most of society, art, and any of its manifestations, is something playful or romantic and not a real occupation as a way of life. The illustrator profession is still generally viewed as a fairly bleak panorama due to: the loneliness of in studio work, the lack oftraining programs, the dependence on large cities, theincorrect vision of seeking excellence on learning the techniques etc.

Fortunately, despite all of that, it is possible to make a decent living from illustration today.
To do this, what you need is:
  • Acquire a global vision of the different illustration markets to target
  • Knowing how to choose your target market, in which you can offer a differentiating quality.
  • Know your market thoroughly and go for it.
  • Make your work profitable.
  • Develop a constant internal motivation.
  • Work hard.
  • Have a community of artists, communicate with them frequently and fluently.
  • Take care of your mental health.
That is why at Donde Doré we have created courses in which the training process is aimed at satisfying all these needs for all illustrators. In our workshops we cover these requirements by:
  1. Our introductory online courses by renowned professional illustrators, will provide you with the basic knowledge for the main illustration job opportunities. They will always be available for you in our learning platform.
  2. The wide variety of courses that we offer, with professionals who work in different illustration markets and who provide you with different points of view and references, will show you real and concrete experiences, which you can view live with our professionals.
  3. Round tables and debates around each of the illustration markets, in which you can participate in via live online meetings and courses.
  4. We offer you courses aimed at introducing you into each of the different illustration markets.
  1. We will give you a global vision of the current market, product prices, profitability, working methods of specific companies, how to access them, etc.
  2. We will discover the main keys in order to be successful in each one of them, based on real experiences.
  3. We will show you first-hand experiences of recognized national and international experts in each market who are actively working in the illustration industry.
  4. Your portfolio will be reviewed by your favorite illustrator, a professional with remarkable experience that will serve you as a guide and mentor.
  1. Optimize the specific illustration techniques of your interest with the help of our experienced artists.
  2. You will learn different formulas to optimize your workflow and manage to meet all your deadlines.
  3. We will help you discover a wide range of potential clients, as well as specific contacts.
  1. Discover a new way of seeing and perceiving. We also offer courses that are specially dedicated to finding your personal motivation.
  2. You will practice ways to personalize your work and imbue them with authenticity.
  3. You will study how to direct your creations towards your own genuine interests.
  4. Demystify your potential clients thanks to the vision and point of view from incredible artists You will see up close that even your reference artists start with limited resources, and you will learn to believe in yourself, in our present-line courses.
  1. We will help you stay in touch with your collegues in your course.
  2. You will also have access to our Facebook group, where you can share ideas with your community.
  3. Publish your latest work on our networks and continue to get feedback from other artists.
  4. You will be able to actively participate in our events, such as round tables, interviews, talks, conventions, meetings, etc., where you will interact with different illustrators in the industry.
  1. With our special courses focused on emotional health.
  2. With our virtual meetings, where we will share our concerns with other illustrators.
  3. Offering you continuous forms of participation in our communities (chats, posts, blog, events).



Courses and workshops focused on dialogue and participation with renowned illustrators in the prime of their careers that offer a real and intense experience of creative coexistence.


Learning with 10 or 20 other people gives you the possibility of receiving a totally personalized treatment, and at the same time enjoy the benefits of learning in group environments.


Presentations from all different artistic fields, talks, debates and other activities that help keep ideas alive.

My Story

My name is Silvia Fajardo. I studied Fine Arts in Granada and the Czech Republic. I have trained as an illustrator in different schools, studios and workshops in Spain, USA, Ireland and Italy and currently I combine the profession with the management of courses at Donde Doré.


Our Manifesto

Donde Doré is here to pave the way for you in your career as an illustrator. We were born to draw and communicate our creativity and thus make a different world possible. We want to enhance your skills, encourage you to dream of a better world, open your mind and connect with your peers.


Gustave Doré, no limits

French artist internationally known for his illustrations. His restless spirit led him to experiment with other techniques such as drawing, painting, watercolor, engraving, and sculpture. His work influences disciplines such as cinema or comics, overflowing all the creative mental frames of his time.

Doré lived in Malaga, where he made engravings of popular characters who lived their lives to the limit. A visionary from whom we have been inspired to name this initiative, where Doré would feel at home.

Donde Doréis a company associated withAPIC (Professional Association of Illustrators of Catalonia).

APIC is a Professional Association of Illustrators that works actively in the joint defense of professional rights.

In Malaga, open to the world

Donde Doré lives in the heart of a historic Mediterranean city with an important port in which lots of unique innovations have past thru. Malaga is today a dynamic city that welcomes all kinds of travelers by land, sea and air, that bring diverse trends and new ideas that keep the city young and full of life.


Donde Doré is a place for synergies between artists. I had a pleasant experience in one of the masterclasses with Rebecca Dautremer, the organization was perfect in terms of schedules, space, translator and all the necessary material to carry out the classes. Very professional and totally recommended.

Álex Falcón – illustrator and artistic director

The course is very well organized and its development was very satisfactory. Both the content of the workshop and the attention of the staff was the best. Thank you for everything and for putting so much work into it.

Jose Luis Bravo – graphic designer

Fantastic course. Very well organized. Super interesting and a lot of fun. I met many people who work in the same field of illustration that I keep in contact with them. I hope I can attend some more soon. Thank you!

Sena Cifuentes – illustrator and ceramist


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