speakers in donde doré: a selection

By Carol Arán

The second decade of the 21st century presents itself in full illustration swing, a dazzling territory thanks to the work of both veteran figures and impressive emerging creators. To attest to this, in Donde Doré we bring to our classrooms a magnificent selection of illustrators in the coming months. Here are three of them, all of them of unquestionable quality: Steve Simpson, Núria Tamarit and Ziuk. Three creators whose galaxies, apparently distant from each other, are connected primarily; these three make us orbit around them, attracting us with a brightness of their own character that goes beyond time.

The case of Steve Simpson, an English illustrator and graphic designer residing in Ireland, is a curious temporary paradox. Despite his more than thirty years of experience, the work of this renowned creator is always fresh, young and dynamic. His very personal style, although he drinks from influences of yesteryear (arts & crafts movement, advertising from the ’50s, folk art), brings tradition to the most current, turning the past into a weapon for the future. Simpson enjoys what he does, plays with everything and allows us to share that playful feeling with a smile. His creations sprout from the paper and pass through the digital filter to give life to all kinds of totally appetizing works and products.. He is especially known for his packaging design work, his manual lettering and his funny characters, although there are no limits to creativity in his production: game design and collectible figures, labels for drinks and syrups, signage, murals, books … he is capable of making  something fun, even a barcode, literally. Everything he touches immediately enters the field of play and imagination, generating entertaining and refreshing experiences. Steve also enjoys his own generosity, teaching and sharing his ideas and processes, he has started showing his works in progress to his internet followers… And we delight as children, wishing long life to that hooligan and delicious nostalgia, which always looks to the future. Steve Simpson’s workshop, “Illustrated record Sleeve”, will be held at Donde Doré on November 29-30 and December 1, (2019).

Núria Tamarit‘s work surprises with its solid authenticity, despite the promising author’s youth. An illustrator and comic artist born in Valencia, Núria belongs to that generation of young creators who impress their meteoric and coherent careers. Used to working side by side with other illustrators in common projects, her work conveys that liberation of the ego and its prejudices, far from the fear of mixing their strokes with those of another artist, for the benefit of illustration. Tamarit’s drawing, with a clear line and manga reminiscences, shines with a careful spontaneity, with an accuracy of infallible strokes, with a particular atmosphere that is finally recreated with the use of color and texture. She works on her comics and editorial illustrations through analog processes (sketch, inking, sometimes color) and digital conclusions, giving birth to works that are always alive, full of humor and energy, with compositions that seem to be in constant movement, captured at the most definitive and precise moment. The narrative power of her images is palpable in every project she develops, be it a comic, a fanzine or the label of a beer bottle. A narrative that floats and agitates, which is light and playful like a feather swayed by the wind. We have no doubt that the quality of this young illustrator, who stomps on universal ground, already flies into the future with the illuminating conviction of inspiration. Núria Tamarit will give her workshop «How to translate personal projects into profesional projects» in Donde Doré on 24, 25 and 26 January (2020).

Edu Quiza, better known as “Ziuk”, is also a young illustrator, from Madrid, who works on demand for video games, book covers, advertising, editorial illustration… But first of all he works for himself, in the constant investigation of his creative self. The permanent search for his own universe makes him a fascinating and imaginative creator, of whom we can say that he already speaks with his own voice despite his youth. And, although only six years have passed since his career as a professional illustrator took off, his eagerness to learn and explore has already made Ziuk’s one of the names with the most potential in the Iberian landscape. His work, on the road between the fantastic, the epic and the popular, inhabits a supernatural and overwhelming depth, which squeezes mystery until the juice of a spiritual and nocturnal force is extracted. The fauna of his portraits transmits the energy of a powerful animal, totemic and ancestral, which the most remote cultures on Earth. That telluric energy is manifested, however, with a renovating and contemporary aesthetic, mixed with elements and characters of popular culture, with films and comics, with appearances of the present. Born from pen and paper, but finished with defining digital finishes. The dark surrealism of his work is open to interpretations such as dreams or nightmares, and makes us think of the fresh maturity of an illustration that has already found itself. Ziuk’s “Unleash Your Potential” workshop will be held at Donde Doré on March 13, 14 and 15 (2020).

Simpson, Tamarit and Ziuk, three brilliant illustrators with their own light that will delight the students of Donde Doré in this exciting and upcoming decade change.